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Qulity is the life of GOOD MEDITECH.  

Quality Control

Raw Material Control Area:
This area is mainly responsible for all the incoming Raw materials’ control, all the tests are performing strictly under our company’s internal standards. The test items contain normal physical& chemical analysis , HPLC&GC and so on.

Equipment: Mettler Toledo Potentiometric Titrator;Westphal hydrostatic; Buchi Melting point Apparatus; Digital abbe refractometer;Muffle furnace;Waters and Agilent series High Performance Liquid Chromatography;Agilent series Gas Chromatography; SARTORIUS and Mettler Toledo analytical balance;Mettler Toledo PH Meter; Thermo UVVI  Absorbance Meter; Mettler Toledo and Metrohm Karl-Fischer Titrator and so on.

Finished product control area:
Finished product control area includes stability retention sample room, physical&chemical lab and instrument lab. 

Physical & chemical Lab
Equipment: Mettler Toledo analytical balance, Karl-Fischer Titrator, Microscope of ZEISS, illumination shading chamber; particle counter in liquid products HIAC ROYCO, PE polarimeter, Malven2000 particle distribution instrument etc,.

Instrument Lab
Equipment: There are analytical instruments from famous analytical companies -- Waters、 Agilent and PE. There is MILLI-Q pure water generator for HPLC analysis. All HPLC instruments are equipped with auto-samplers, which ensure accuracy of data and high efficiency work. 
Micro-biological area:
Equipment: vertical-laminar flow hood for generation of the positive and preparation of the solution of bacterium, as life security hood, protect from bacterium infection; horizontal laminar flow hood used for sterility test, microbe limit test and bacterial endotoxins test; TOC for process-water control; Canister system for sterility test.

Process-control Lab
Equipment: HPLC, Mettler Toledo analytical balances、Karl-Fischer Titrator 、pH, spectrophotometer, etc,.
All QC labs activity followed by GMP. Each lab has good vent-pipe and waste pipe, protecting all people's health and avoiding contamination.